My aim is to educate the urban population on the benefits of raising ones own food, and to bring to light the misconceptions people might have about the raising of poultry in an urban setting.  As more and more people attempt to live sustainably and connect with their local food sources, it becomes even more important to bridge the disconnect between animal products sold in stores and the reality of animal product food production.

Basically, I want to eat fresh, local, and know what goes into the production of my food.  I’m also a bit of a control freak, so producing my own produce and eggs goes a long way to satisfying my needs.

I’ve put together this site for several reasons:

  • to serve as reference material in southeastern michigan & Ferndale for those interested in chicken ordinance verbiage & the keeping of hens
  • to document the work it took to get our ordinance to change to allow backyard hens for everyone in Ferndale, not just those with huge lots
  • to address myths and concerns around urban chicken keeping
  • to serve as a compendium of local information for poultry/fowl keepers and urban farmers
  • to document my everyday dealing with hens, dogs, a cat, and the ever changing landscape of metro Detroit

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  1. Hello!

    I don’t live in Ferndale any more, but still keep up with things back there. I want to suggest that you start a FB page. There’s one in support of keeping chickens in Bloomington, MN, and it was a great way to keep up with the chicken news in that town. Good luck with your chicken crusade!

  2. Hi- I’m one of your neighbors on Laprairie at what is now known as “Wild Peace Urban Farm”. We’re beekeeping, gardening, composting and have been “radical homemakers” for more than 20 years. I was also a “hippie homesteader” in the northern part of the State in the early 80’s. I’m a long-time, semi-retired home birth midwife, doula/perinatal hospice doula, writer and thinker, musician and certified spiritual director. We’re also “unschooling” parents of four now mostly adult children; our youngest daughter Mary, age 9, is still at home. Keep me posted on how we can help and support your efforts. I am on Facebook if you want to “friend” me there under Michelle Everett Wilbert and you have my email. Well done!

  3. I also live in Ferndale on Pearson. I am huge advocate of being able to have chickens in our backyards and am so thankful you have taken on the task of hopefully getting this accomplished. I worked at Greenfield Village on the 1885 working farm and learned a ton about organic gardening and the chickens were my favorite animals we had. I would love to have the ability of having a couple hens in my backyard for all the benefits in addition to the eggs.

    1. Thanks Liz! I *love* the working farm at Greenfield Village, that was always my favorite spot to visit! Should just be a matter of time before we can have a couple feathered friends in our backyards.

  4. Hi there! I live on Woodward Heights in Pleasant Ridge and my neighbors behind me in Ferndale currently have chickens. I would love to be able to buy local eggs from my neighbors in Ferndale. What is the best way to go about doing that?

    1. Hi Stacy: your best bet is to talk directly to your neighbor- most people I know keeping hens have more eggs than they can use, and they wind up giving them away to friends and family.

    1. Hi Judith: unfortunately right now Care2 is the only option we have for a petition, but feel free to leave a comment on our blog expressing support, or send me an email (I will be using those as further examples to city council members that the public wants this to pass). My email is

  5. I vote for the right to have a few (3 or 4) hens. The coop and run would have to be taken care of (cleaned) on a regular basis, though.

  6. Greetings,

    I am lookin for a source for my hens, but every site I look at has a minimum of 25. I know we are only allowed 3 under the new ordinance. Do you know of any good sources for purchasing small quantities of chicks?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Matt: sorry for the late reply. When I purchased, I searched on Craigslist for a local farm to get my chicks. You might also want to try, if you don’t mind having them arrive around June. Also: check Eastern Market, I believe there was a vendor selling chicks there. Tractor Supply has something called “Chick Days”, they might be over by now, but they sell chicks there as well.

  7. love the new format! This was already an awesome site – now it’s even better!!!
    My coop came Thursday 🙂 Tonight was the first night they went into it voluntarily without me luring them 1st. Sorry no pics yet, been busy building and filling 6 raised veggie beds, 1st time on line in days! Will post pics soon, but to forewarn you, it’s not a pretty or even cute coop. It’s quite utilitarian, (in fact to me it bears a strong resemblance to a dumpster!), but it will keep girls safe & comfy. I plan on painting it to match garage (right now it’s a beigey white), but not till garden is done. Again “Ferndale Chickens” looks great!

    1. Thanks Jerri! I’m so excited for you! I bet they’ll love the coop with all their chickeny heart- really, all they want is some place dry and safe, it’s us and our neighbors that want it cute Matching the paint to your garage is a great idea, so it’ll fit with your yard and become a fixture instead of just another “thing”.

      Good luck with the raised beds! Gardening season is definitely hitting it’s stride, I can’t wait to get planting all my veggies too.

  8. Hello there,

    I recently found out that Madison Heights changed their ordinance regarding keeping backyard chickens so my coop construction will begin this conimg spring!
    I can’t wait!

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