“Hatfield lives about 5 houses down from Laura Mikulski, the 30-year old organic gardener who has been working with a group to try and change Ferndale’s ordinance so she can have chickens in her backyard.

Right now city rules allow a person to have chickens, only it prohibits the birds from being closer than 150 feet to another residence.

Laura says she is drafting a proposal for city council.”


“Chicken enthusiasts say the birds are a natural low-cost way to have fresh eggs and good fertilizer for their gardens. Keeping chickens in urban areas has become a movement of sorts over the past several years and are permitted in many cities from New York to San Francisco with some restrictions.”


“On the City’s NE side, a family of four enjoys having 4-8 fresh eggs each day.  They also have plenty of natural fertilizer for their garden, and the joy of being able to care for and watch the four chickens that live in their backyard.”


“Some mild to moderate clucking could soon add to typical city noises heard around Ferndale if a local group is successful in its request to change the city ordinance concerning chicken coops.”



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