Raising hens at home? Eggcellent!

Many are rearing poultry to join the slow-food movement; others do it because they can all but guarantee food safety in the wake of the 2010 salmonella outbreak. But beyond the threat of disease, home-grown eggs are just plain healthier: A 2007 study by Mother Earth News confirmed that pasture-raised hens who are free to forage for bugs, worms, grass, and leaves produce eggs with four to six times the vitamin D and a third less cholesterol as their mass-market counterparts.

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Did you see us in the Woodward Talk?

“I’d like to … ensure that most every resident in Ferndale who is interested in owning a backyard flock could legally do so,” Mikulski wrote via email. “I’d also like to see Ferndale adopt ordinance language that would define proper keeping practices to ensure that we don’t develop nuisance issues.”

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