We’re legal!

Yesterday, the city inspector walked into the backyard saying “This should only take about 2 seconds, I’ve seen the paperwork you submitted”.

who wouldn’t approve this thing?

Basically, the inspection centered around the coop being structurally sound.  He checked the roofing to make sure it was secure, and the fencing and nesting box door hinges.  He asked what we’ll do in the winter, and I told him I’m firmly against heating the coop- the chickens I have will grow to be big girls, and they’ll essentially be wearing down coats. He seemed pleased with that, since there had been an incident several years ago involved a wire shorting out on a coop in Ferndale- my worst fear.

The permit expires on December 31st every year, so I’ll need to go into the city and schedule another inspection and pay my fee in early December.  I figure I’ll just do it around the same time I renew my car registration.

The chickens aren’t very impressed with this latest turn of events, but they did run off with the building inspection sticker we received.

very exciting!
if it’s in my hands, it might be food, right?
see that beak? somebody snatched the approved sticker from my hand a second later.

After all is said and done, the chickens are happy, I’m happy, and my neighbors are happy.  Everyone seems to like the coop, and they get a kick out of the girls antics- or lack thereof, since the ladies have been lounging a lot in their beachy coop.

The 3 stooges.

8 thoughts on “We’re legal!

  1. ughh, I’m dying to see my coop too! When I ordered it the Sunday before last, he said “it’ll take a week”, I called him Monday, he said “Weds., Thursday at the latest” today he called and said “Thurs. or maybe Friday”, I practically begged him to bring it tomorrow, I explained that I and my girls are kinda illegal and that I need the coop to get the permit.

    Sooo – I’m still schlepping them in every night and out in the a.m.! At 7 weeks they’re getting too big for that!

    1. Oh no! I feel ya. At 6-7 weeks we had to make a mad dash to get the coop livable for them, because they were way too big for the brooder box. They got pretty spoiled and would wait around for me at dusk, walking right into the cat carrier I was using to bring them in and out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog – it was much appreciated. And congratulations on your permit! I wish you joy in your delightful girls and your utterly gorgeous coop! Wow – so jealous of that palatial residence. And the strawberries-on-the-roof idea is genius. 😀

    1. Thank you!! Hopefully those strawberry plants get here soon- one variety is summer bearing, and they claim they produce in the first year! If I can get even one berry this year it’ll be more than I’ve gotten from the plants on the ground, since the chipmunks always seem to run off with those before I can get to them.

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