1 year down, many more to go!

First and second year coop licenses/inspection approvals

Second year coop license! Coop license renewal went well, and the hens behaved themselves in front of the city inspector.

While the inspector was out, we showed him our water heater (a cookie tin with a light bulb in it), explained why we have plastic wrapped around the run (wind break during cold, snowy spells), and explained why the hens weren’t laying (not enough daylight hours).

While he was out, he mentioned that we were the first coop to fill out renewal papers and be inspected. In case any Ferndalians read this, just a reminder:  your coop license expires Dec 31 every year, no matter when you got approved.  The renewal process is very straight forward: fill out your packet of information just as you did when you originally registered, minus the coop drawings, and take it back to the city clerks office with your check for $35.  Bingo, bammo, done deal.  You can schedule your inspection at that time as well, which is what I did- I wanted it done and over with as soon as possible.

The inspector mentioned there are a few other homes in Ferndale now with registered coops… I’m really interested in contacting the other registered coop owners to see if they’d be interested in planning a coop tour in spring.  Something informational, with handouts on chicken keeping at every coop- might be a nice way to get more people registered and on board with it.

I also started a Facebook page, just to make it easier to get the word out about Ferndale chicken issues: http://www.facebook.com/FerndaleBackyardChickens

as well as a google+ page to help us gain some more visibility:


Here’s hoping 2013 will be a great year!


2 thoughts on “1 year down, many more to go!

  1. Congrats on your renewal! It is amazing, the variety of laws, ordinances, and requirements involved with keeping chickens. Most of my friends in a quite liberal college town about an hour away are not able to have chickens at all as they are required to house them more than 50′ away from any built structure (including your own house) or property line. So, unless you have at least a 100’x100′ backyard and your coop is placed squarely in the middle, you’re screwed. Here in Indy, there isn’t even a maximum number of chickens you can have!

    1. Thanks! I’m always amazed by how hard we have to fight to get people to understand that an ordinance like the one you mentioned is needlessly restrictive. Our code was like that until we got it changed- now pretty much anyone can have their 3 hens! Can’t wait until we have a few more years under our belt so I can ask for up to 6 hens 😉

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